How to score low-driven shots in FIFA

You'll get through even the most experienced goalkeepers with low-driven shots.

Image via EA

While FIFA 21 can be the ultimate co-op title for some, it’s hard to oversee how competitive the game can get once you step into the Ultimate Team (FUT). You’ll be assembling a squad from the players you’ll obtain by opening packs in this mode, but filling your squad with the best names around the world won’t be enough by itself to bring you victories.

You’ll also need to focus on your team’s chemistry, and learning the basic rotations you can perform around the pitch will never be a bad idea. The game’s mechanics are quite straightforward and you’ll be able to pass, shoot, or cross the ball with a single button. Getting the hand of special combos you can pull off while playing a match separates the best players from the decent ones, however, and low-driven shots is just one of them.

When a goalkeeper is standing closer to one side of the net, shooting the ball with height to the opposite corner will give them the opportunity to cover the distance by jumping. A low-driven shot to the same side, on the other hand, will be significantly harder to catch since the goalkeeper will need to slide to make it in time.

Here’s how you can score low-driven shots in FIFA.

How can you score low-driven shots in FIFA on PS4 and PS5?

Once you approach the penalty box, you’ll need to hold down L1 and R1 while also pressing the circle button to shoot a low-driven strike. Note that you’ll be using the circle button to adjust the strength, so simply pressing it once may result in slow shots.

You’ll also need to direct your shot with your movement thumbstick or your shot will directly go toward the keeper.

How can you score low-driven shots in FIFA on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

Scoring low-driven shots on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in FIFA 21 is pretty much the same as how it’s on PlayStation. You’ll need to hold the RB and LB buttons while shooting with B to shoot a low-driven strike.

Try aiming for the corners for more successful shots, especially the corner that the goalkeeper is far from. Holding down the power button longer than usual may cause your shots to look like finesse, but they should also be as effective as low-driven shots if the angle is right.