How to change your Ultimate Team club name in FIFA 22

You can only rename it once.

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Following the official launch of FIFA 22 for those who pre-ordered the game, a lot of players have jumped straight into Ultimate Team, the game’s most famous mode where you can build your own team with your favorite players.

If you played FIFA 21 Ultimate Team or a previous edition of FIFA Ultimate Team, you’ll notice that your Ultimate Team club name in those versions has been carried over to FIFA 22. If you grow tired of that name or simply have come up with a better one, there’s a way to change your club name, even though the feature is somewhat hidden.

Use this feature wisely, though. You can only change your Ultimate Team club name once. Check for any typos and be aware that offensive names can be reported and EA might make you rename your club in the future if the company judges it’s necessary.

How to change your club name in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Launch Ultimate Team in FIFA 22 and while you’re in the main menu, press A/X in Objectives to access its tab. Press RB/R1 to navigate to the Foundations tab. You’ll notice that there’s a set of Foundation objectives called The Basics. Access it, and at the bottom, you’ll see an objective called Club Name. Press A/X to enter it.

You’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll have the option to rename your Ultimate Team’s official club name and its abbreviation as well, which consists of three letters. After you complete both, you just have to confirm your club name and the changes will be instantly applied.

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