FIFA 21 players to have more freedom in Career Mode

Players will be able to jump in and out of a match for the first time.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports shared new features today for FIFA 21 Career Mode, the game mode that allows players to play as the manager of their favorite clubs.

The FIFA community has criticized EA for the lack of new features in Career Mode over the years, but EA has come up with some new ideas for FIFA 21. The devs introduced the concept of “interactive match simulation,” which allows players to jump in and out of a match whenever they want to.

With the interactive match simulator, you won’t have to just watch a game that you chose to simulate. Players can enter the game to control the players if the match is tough, or just enter to take a penalty or a free kick if they want to take control of these moments instead of simulating it. During the simulation, players will have the ability to make substitutions or just tactical changes.

The gameplay will be twice as fast when players are simulating a match. “Out of play match moments are automatically skipped, ensuring that you’re always looking at meaningful events,” the notes read.

Image via EA Sports

There will be four tabs during the normal simulation. The fitness one shows which players might run out of stamina first. The player ratings summarize what players are performing well and who’s playing bad. The match stats show an instant snapshot of both teams’ performance, while the gameplan reveals the tactical system that both teams are running.

But if you’re in a hurry to play games, there’s an option that will make a quick simulation that just skips to the final result of the match. This is a great feature for when you’re facing weaker teams and just want to move on to the next match.

Aside from these simulation changes, in FIFA 21 Career Mode, you’ll get to train players in new positions other than their default one so you can use them however you want to. There’s also a new feature called “Player Sharpness” that will impact how each player performs in matches.

Player Sharpness works alongside Morale and Fitness and ranges from zero to 100. A player will get a stat boost if their Player Sharpness level is above 50. If a striker has 100 points of Player Sharpness, for example, they’ll get boosts to their Positioning, Finishing, Ball control, and Shot power.

In the market, players will have the option to get a player on loan before buying him. The value of the transfer will be settled ahead of the loan and you can choose to buy or send the player back once the loan is over.

FIFA 21 will launch on Oct. 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can check out all of the Career Mode’s new features here.