EA Sports introduces Freeze promo in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Players will receive a second Freeze SBC card to unlock a loan version of that player.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports has launched a new holiday promo today called FUT Freeze in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Players will see upgraded versions of players, Special Player items, and daily Squad Building Challenges.

The Freeze-themed player SBC releases will be followed by a second SBC, according to EA Sports, giving players the option to unlock a loan version of that day’s player since SBC cards are currently untradable.

A third squad of Road to the Final dynamic Special Player Items will be coming to FIFA Ultimate Team as well with additional team “accomplishments.” They can be achieved throughout the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League competitions and will give players stat boosts depending on the competitions’ results.

Prime Icons are taking the place of Base Icons in packs with the FUT Freeze promo. The entirety of FIFA 21’s roster of Prime Icons will be introduced to packs in two releases over the next few weeks and remain available until the end of FUT 21.

Icon Swaps will also make an appearance with this promo. This feature allows players to complete specific in-game objectives to receive Player Tokens that can be redeemed for ICON player or pack rewards via the Token Booth Squad Building Challenges.

This time, there will be more ICON mix and pack rewards. Throughout Icon Swap No. 1, players will be able to earn up to 18 tokens by completing various objectives until Feb. 12.