Best Midfielders, CAMs, CMs, and CDMs in FIFA 22

With those players in the center, it will be easy for you to drive the attack and provide support for your defence in FIFA 22.

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Having a strong central midfield is a key part when building your Ultimate Team in FIFA 22. With no proper players and great communication, it can be tough to fuel your attack and properly react to the rival’s actions. 

Players often end up asking themselves what are the best options to choose from when it comes to the center of the pitch. Here’s a list of the best central midfielders, central attacking midfielders, and central defending midfielders in FIFA 22, with three of the best footballers for each position. We’ve included an overall ranking of the top 15 players by the end of the article.

Central midfield

Luka Modrić (87)

In the past decade, Real Madrid ended up with four Champions League victories and became the only team in history to win the competition three times in a row. It wouldn’t be possible without a flawless midfield. A key part of Los Blancos’ squad was Luka Modrić, who still is a driving force behind Real Madrid’s successes. It’s no surprise he is the third-best central midfielder in the game. With an 87 overall score, the Croatian will fit perfectly in almost any team.

Toni Kroos (88)

Toni Kroos was another pivotal part of Real Madrid’s recent success. The German seems to age like a fine wine, since being 31 years old doesn’t hold him back from being the second-best central midfielder in FIFA 22. His 88 Overall score and 91 in Passing make him a perfect addition to many clubs, especially if your focus is to have a player quickly moving the ball across the field, or stabilizing the game. 

Kevin De Bruyne (91)

Although a discussion about who is the best player in the world can go for hours without reaching a verdict, Kevin de Bruyne is undoubtedly the best central midfielder in FIFA 22. In the eyes of many, he was Manchester City’s best player last season, and EA Sports awarded him with 86, 88, and 93 scores in Shooting, Dribbling, and Passing, respectively. This gives De Bruyne a 91 score overall, which is the best in the game in that position. Putting him in your starting 11 would instantly boost your performance in the Ultimate Team mode.

Central defending midfield

Joshua Kimmich (89)

When talking about the better prospects for the future of soccer, Joshua Kimmich is a name that shines. The German is only 26 years old, yet he has already lifted the Champions League trophy and solidified himself as one of the best central defending midfielders in the world. In FIFA 22, he takes third place at that position, with an impressive Overall score of 89, and Passing, which is rated 86, being his best attribute. 

Casemiro (89)

Once again we return to Real Madrid’s squad, this time highlighting Casemiro. The Brazilian is another key factor in the Spanish team, often being an obstacle rivals find hard to get around. While he shares the overall score with Kimmich and is worse in some aspects like Passing and Dribbling, he shines in features essential for defending midfielders, such as Defending and Physicality (86 and 90, respectively).

N’Golo Kante (90)

When talking about the best central defending midfielders, It’s difficult to avoid mentioning N’Golo Kante, FIFA 22’s best player in the position. The Frenchman was the Player of the Match during the last Champions League final, and his last season was nothing short of phenomenal. With an outstanding 87 points in Defending and 90 Overall, Kante is the best in the position and a must-have in every team.

Central attacking midfield

Bernardo Silva (86)

Opening up the trio of best central attacking midfielders, we got a Manchester City player, Bernardo Silva. With an astonishing 91 score in Dribbling and an impressive 80 score in Fuel, Silva solidifies himself as one of the best picks when making a quick, aggressive attack with your squad. On the other hand, with great Passing and Shooting, he’s the one to score a goal from afar or shift the game from across the field when needed.

Thomas Müller (87)

There are many reasons why Bayern Munich and the National German Team are so brilliant. Thomas Müller is one of the blueprints for both squads. For many years he’s been proving his genius, and it doesn’t look like he’s aiming to stop. With exceptional Passing, Dribbling, and Shooting (all well above 80), he ends up with an 88 Overall score in FIFA 22, making him a deadly player with the ball at his feet, especially in front of the rival’s penalty area.

Bruno Fernandes (88)

We’ve mentioned one of the noteworthy Portuguese players on this list, but it’s nearly impossible to point out amazing attacking midfielders and not talk about Bruno Fernandes. The 27-year-old took Manchester United’s level to another notch last season, scoring 18 goals in the Premier League alone and assisting in another 11. His skill impresses many, and he’s been appreciated by EA Sports. FIFA 22 creators made his card the best in the newest game in the series. Bruno Fernandes has been rewarded with 84, 86, and 89 scores in Dribbling, Shooting, and Passing respectively, which results in an 88 Overall score. 

While many of those players shine in the positions they were mentioned in, they could fill up your FIFA 22 squad in other spots. Therefore, in the end, we’ve decided to list the 15 best central midfielders in the game overall. 

Top 15 central midfielders in FIFA 22:

  • Sergio Busquets (CDM, 86, Barcelona, Spain)
  • Bernardo Silva (CAM, 86, Manchester City, Portugal)
  • Marcos Llorente (CM, 86, Atlético Madrid, Spain)
  • Thomas Müller (CAM, 87, Bayern Munich, Germany)
  • Leon Goretzka (CM, 87, Bayern Munich, Germany)
  • Frankie De Jong (CM, 87, Barcelona, Netherlands)
  • Marco Veratti (CM, 87, Paris Saint-Germain, Italy)
  • Paul Pogba (CM, 87, Manchester United, France)
  • Luka Modrić (CM, 87, Real Madrid, Croatia)
  • Toni Kroos (CM, 88, Real Madrid, Germany)
  • Bruno Fernandes (CAM, 88, Manchester United, Portugal)
  • Casemiro (CDM, 89, Real Madrid, Brazil)
  • Joshua Kimmich (CDM, 89, Bayern Munich, Germany)
  • N’Golo Kante (CDM, 90, Chelsea, France)
  • Kevin De Bruyne (CM, 91, Manchester City, Belgium)

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