Mediatonic reveals 4 new winter-themed Fall Guys costumes

Players will have four new costumes to unlock.

Image via Devolver Digital

Mediatonic showed off four new costumes coming to Fall Guys in season three across its social media accounts today.

A new Candlestick costume was revealed on Twitter, and a festive Reindeer made its debut on Instagram. TikTok fans got the first look at the Yeti costume, and Discord users got the first look at the final costume, which is a royal outfit perfect for distinguished players.

The Candlestick costume was exclusively revealed on Twitter and gives each character a unique wax-covered look. The top of the costume features a lit wick, but it’s likely not a fire hazard. 

The Reindeer costumed was first revealed on Instagram and allows players to cosplay as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The costume includes the iconic red nose, a full deer outfit, and a festive bell around the neck. 

TikTok users got the first look at the Yeti costume, which includes a full beard and hairy arms and legs. The costume also features a beanie perfect for the winter season.

The final costume was revealed on the official Fall Guys discord server. It features a unique headpiece and outfit that appears to be a queen or princess.

Mediatonic has not revealed the official start date of Fall Guys season three, but it will likely be soon, considering the new costumes are holiday-themed. The new costumes will most likely be featured in the item shop, so make sure to save your crowns so you can purchase the new outfits.