How to add friends on Fall Guys

Fall with friends!

Image via Mediatonic

Playing Fall Guys with friends is much more fun than playing it alone. When you know the person and can speak directly with them, going through showcases in Squads or Duos can be a great experience. As of the most recent update to Fall Guys, the friend-adding option has been replaced with a mode selection option.

There’s no need to worry about adding friends in Fall Guys if they’re already your friend on Epic Games. Epic has a friend system that goes across games that use their servers. For example, if someone is your friend through your Epic Games account, they will be your friend on Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys.

No matter what console or platform you’re playing on, we have you covered if you haven’t already added a friend.

How to add friends on Fall Guys

If you need to add them, then you can do it similarly on every console:

  1. First, Load up your Fall Guys game
  2. Enter your Friends List
    • Minus on Nintendo Switch, and Share on PlayStation and Xbox.
    • Press the button next to Play with the Fall Guys and the plus icon on PC.
  3. Go to your requests menu
    • Press R on Nintendo Switch, RB on Xbox, and R1 on PlayStation
  4. Enter your friend’s Epic Games username
  5. Scroll down to your friend and select them
  6. Press Add Epic Friend
  7. They need to accept your request.

To accept a friend’s invite, go to your requests menu again and scroll down to your friend. Once you have selected their name, press the Accept option.

Ensure that you and your friend have their settings set to discoverable. If you go to the tab to the most right on your Friends List, you’ll see two options: Do Not Disturb and Receive Friend Requests. Have Do Not Disturb set to Off and set your Receive Friend Requests to Anyone.

How to invite friends to your party in Fall Guys

You can invite anyone to a Party as long as they are your friend. To invite your friend to your party, press in on the right analog stick on your Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox controller (The P key on PC). From there, you only need to press the Invite option. You’ll be shown your friends list containing your console friends and Epic friends. Go to the friend you want to invite and press the Invite button.

If this person is not your friend, type their name into the text box and press Add Friend. Sometimes, you need to get out of the screen momentarily for the accepted friend request to register. Once your friend accepts the invite, the Add Friend button will switch to Invite. Press Invite