Dota 2 post-TI 2023 roster shuffle live tracker: All moves, signings, and more

Dota 2's future is uncertain for players, teams, and Valve.

Puppey adjusting his headset at Dota 2's TI10.
Photo via Valve

Dota 2 is going through a period of extreme uncertainty heading into the 2024 season as Valve shifts how it is supporting the game and the competitive scene.

That means the post-The International 2023 roster shuffle could have a much different vibe compared to the last several years.

Now Team Spirit has been crowned two-time TI champions with their dominant victory at TI12, the rest of the competitive Dota world is gearing up for smaller events or preparing for the upcoming avalanche of available players. Very few teams retain their full rosters after any TI, meaning most organizations wait until the game’s biggest event ends—and that famous afterparty begins—before making calls on what direction to take for the following season.

With Valve axing the Dota Pro Circuit and its regional leagues for the 2024 season, teams might look to make swings at big-impact players if they missed out on TI this year. This means Team Secret, OG, and a number of fan-favorites were keeping a close eye on Seattle to see who might become available ahead of the new year.

There is also a chance roster locks and restrictions will be lessened without the DPC in place, leaving some question marks on how important this initial roster shuffle actually is for the season to come.

With TI12 in the books and the future of Dota 2 on the horizon, here is a full recap of the official roster moves, signings, and transfers—updated live as they happen.

Dota 2 TI12 roster shuffle: All roster moves, signings, and transfers post-The International 2023

Quinn, from Gaimin Gladiators (right) posing with a fan in an open square in Riyadh.
Who will be the next Quinn for a team in need? Screenshot via Gaimin Gladiators

Even after The International 2023, we don’t know how roster moves will be restricted without the Dota Pro Circuit in place for the 2024 competitive season.

Valve has yet to speak on how it will handle invites for TI13 next year and if DPC points will still be the key measurement for events even without the circuit. Depending on how TI invites are determined, and if roster moves penalize that in some way, we could see more player movement in 2024 than we have in the last two to three years. 

Until we hear more about the return to a non-DPC tournament structure, we expect most teams to handle the post-TI12 roster shuffle as if there will still be some kind of soft roster lock implemented in 2024 while building out new lineups. Here is a full list of the key roster moves with dated breakdowns for notable players and teams. 

Biggest post-TI12 Dota 2 roster moves thus far

Blacklist International was the first big team to make a move, parting ways with Karl and kpii, leaving two strong players free to begin talking with other organizations early ahead of TI 2023.

Team Secret did not pursue an additional loan or potential contract buyout with BOOM Esports for offlaner Fbz, leading to his return to the SEA team’s inactive roster after three months of playing with Puppey. This should, to no one’s surprise, signal Secret is ready to make some big moves this offseason after a messy 2023 campaign.

OG parted ways with both Taiga and DM right before TI12 started, with the latter immediately being signed by BetBoom to coach them at TI in a move that sparked some controversy.

In the middle of TI12’s final day, beastcoast announced that all five of its players were entering free agency. The team reaffirmed its stance to support South American Dota, but no new roster or additional details were shared.

Team Liquid and zai confirmed that the offlaner is going to be taking an extended break from competitive Dota and he is not being placed on Liquid’s inactive roster.

To match beastcoast’s sudden roster drop, Evil Geniuses’ entire roster left the organization on Nov. 1 and became free agents. There is also no indication that the organization will sign another Dota 2 lineup as it deals with a lawsuit from SumaiL and another wave of layoffs.

Every post-TI12 Dota 2 roster shuffle move, sighing, and transfer

Nov. 28

Nov. 21

Nov. 15

  • Bleed Esports adds Taiga and Masaros to its Dota 2 roster.

Nov. 14

Nov. 13

  • Talon Esports signs a new roster with Jhocam, Ws, Akashi, and ponyo.
  • Aurora enters Dota 2, signing the ex-Talon lineup of 23savage, Jabz, Oli, and Q.
    • Aurora also signs Armel from Team Secret’s inactive roster.

Nov. 12

Nov. 11

Nov. 10

Nov. 9

Nov. 7

Nov. 6

Nov. 5

Nov. 3

Nov. 1

Oct. 31

Oct. 29

Oct. 27

Oct. 24

  • x5 Gaming releases its roster: shroud, Ryu, tavo, LTH, and wij
  • x5 Gaming announces a new roster: størm, Sooths, Hermit, MonHty, and Luis

Oct. 21

Oct. 15

Oct. 12

Oct. 6

Oct. 4

Oct. 1

Sept. 27

  • Into The Breach releases its roster: lowskill, Supreme^, Xibbe, Merlin, and RESPECT
    • Manager isola also released
    • Into The Breach ceases Dota 2 operations entirely

Sept. 22

Sept. 21

  • Qhali releases its roster: Cucahook, Robo-Z, Hermit, MonHty, and Luis
    • Manager Rafta also released

Sept. 18

Sept. 17

Sept. 16

  • HYDRA disbands, dropping dream’, Worick, Cloud, Lil, and HappyDyurara
    • Coach TheHeartlessKing also dropped

Sept. 14

Sept. 8

Sept. 7

Sept. 6

  • UD Vessuwan releases its roster: KNP, Fearless, BeeBie, Boombui, and LionaX
    • Manager Trequartista and coach LaKelz also released
  • SPAWN Team releases its roster: 458, MamangDaya, Red, dalul, and TraVins
    • Manager Nhi and coaches Mikadzan and NutZ also released
  • Tundra Esports signs Topson, moves Saksa to inactive roster for TI12
    • Saksa to take extended break for undisclosed health reasons

Sept. 5

  • Clairvoyance’s coaching contract with Army Geniuses ends

Sept. 4

Sept. 2

Sept. 1

Aug. 28

  • Ancient Tribe disbands, dropping WoE, Mo13ei, Mr. Luck, Alex, and LeBronDota
    • Coach Mitch also released
    • LeBronDota says the team will rebuild “for new season with new sponsor.”

With TI12’s conclusion, most teams will spend the next few weeks building new lineups for one of two key dates. That being ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023, which begins on Dec. 11 or when Valve provides an update on what the next year of competitive Dota will actually look like.


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