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Dota 2 star SumaiL’s lawsuit against Evil Geniuses heads to trial

A brief update on a less than clean situation.

Syed “SumaiL” Hassan isn’t competing at Dota 2’s The International this year, but he will be taking the stand as his legal battle with Evil Geniuses is heading to trial on Nov. 6 after over seven months of extended discussions. 

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Back in March, reporter Richard Lewis obtained legal documents regarding an ongoing lawsuit between SumaiL and EG dating back to December 2021 that focused on how the organization “took advantage of a young, naïve and vulnerable” player during and after his tenure. Now, Lewis followed up today, reporting that key witnesses have been approached about testifying after almost all of EG’s 26 “requests for admission” were denied by the Dota 2 player’s legal team. 

With the initial report, SumaiL’s representation claimed that when he signed a five-year contract with EG in September 2016, he was given a 400,000 share ownership stake in the company along with his salary. In May 2019 when Peak6 Strategic Capital group purchased EG, that stake converted into mixed stock that SumaiL’s lawyers say gave “valuable preferred stock” to only Peak6 members at the time. 

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Additionally, multiple instances where EG offered things like a “mutual release” or termination clause to SumaiL reportedly occurred after he was moved to the inactive roster post-TI9, where SumaiL was limited in what other playing options he could pursue unless he accepted “harsh, unwarranted and draconian obligations and forfeitures.” After leaving the organization in January 2020, EG also reportedly offered to purchase his stock for $1 million in varied payments, but only if he retired from competitive play.

According to the new filings, SumaiL’s side denied many of EG’s admission requests, including one about former EG CEO Nicole Lapointe Jameson advising the player to consult a professional about agreement details. Most of the responses from SumaiL’s reps simply called EG’s requests “overly broad” and stood by the initial assessment that EG “took advantage of a young, naïve and vulnerable” player at various points during his time with and after the team. 

A trial date is currently set for Nov. 6, with a number of ex-EG staff and players being listed for deposition testimony. This includes many of SumaiL’s former Dota teammates like Fear, Universe, Arteezy, and Cr1t-, along with Peter “ppd” Dager, who not only played with him but also served as EG’s CEO for a short time. Former COO Philip Aram and recently removed CEO Jameson were also mentioned. 

Additional details about the trial should be confirmed in late October, which is when Lewis notes the final conference to ensure both sides are ready to proceed will take place. Meanwhile, SumaiL is playing with Team Secret and preparing for the next stage of his Dota career post-TI12. 

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