All Faceless Void Arcana Ult combinations in Dota 2

"Time tells, the mace fells."

Image via Valve

Arcanas are the rarest form of cosmetics in Dota 2, alongside personas. They feature customized spell effects and voice lines which separate them from the rest of the cosmetics.

Considering there’s a decent number of cosmetics with special spell effects, Valve tries its best to ensure they go well together. When it comes to releasing arcanas, the developer usually adds complementing animations when arcanas and certain immortal items are combined, which has been the case for the Faceless Void arcana, Claszian Apostasy.

When players equip the Faceless Void arcana with Mace of Aeons, Bracers of Aeons, and Jewel of Aeons, they’ll get the following spell and ultimate animations.

The new Time Walk animation also features the particle effects of Jewel of Aeons and Mace of Aeons immortal items. Faceless Void arcana ultimate also gets combined with Mace of Aeons’ Chronosphere effect.

Bracers of Aeons’ Time Dilation effect also complements the arcana effects, and there’s also an alternate ultimate animation for Claszian Apostasy’s second style.

Faceless Void Ultimate with the arcana, Chronosphere – Base animation with the second style on top, Mace of Aeons version with the style on bottom – Image via u/sbsolarski

If you haven’t seen the animations for the base model of the Faceless Void arcana without any other cosmetics equipped, you can do so here. Even without equipping complementing cosmetics, the arcana’s first form also features distinguishing effects. Players who only have the arcana can check out the Steam Community Store for Faceless Void to acquire the complementing immortals or other items.