Where to find the Altar of Reflection in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen campaign

Make sure you have your comfortable Sparrow on, because this will be a long ride.

Image via Bungie

Savathûn’s Throne World is an enormous location in Destiny 2, and that’s even before you take into account the secrets and obscure twists and turns in the area. Players should get acquainted with the zone, because The Witch Queen‘s campaign will send players to several different spots in Savathûn’s lair. And the Altar of Reflection might be among the hardest to find.

The main campaign will show you a part of the way to the Altar of Reflection, but the game will task you with going there twice throughout the story in The Witch Queen: once after you have to do the Lightblade Strike, and another after finishing The Cunning. Here’s how to get there.

Where to find the Altar of Reflection in Destiny 2

If you mark the quest location pointing to the Altar of Reflection on your HUD, the game will tell you to go through Quagmire and past the Temple of the Wrathful. There’s a quicker way to reach the Altar of Reflection, however, which goes through Miasma. Not only is it a shorter route, but you can also use your Sparrow throughout all of it, making it a far quicker way.

Spawn in The Quagmire and take the left path towards Miasma. Take another left on the path near the white tower (or run through for extra style points), then follow the road to the right to reach Miasma.

After your HUD signals the entrance to Miasma, stay on the left until you get past a building with Savathûn’s symbol in front of it. From there, look towards your right to spot another construction with miasma on the ground.

Go through the construction and mind the steep incline. Follow that short path, then make a left. If this looks familiar, it’s because the campaign brought you here in one of the starting missions. Head inside and mind the jump. After you make your way through a gap, the game will indicate you’re in Witch’s Echo—on the right path.

From here, just head inside and look for a portal on the right side. This should bring you to the Altar of Reflection’s Scorn-riddled doorstep. Clear out the enemies and go up the stairs leading to the end of the room to find the Altar.