How to complete the tombship jumping puzzle in King’s Fall in Destiny 2

Great, another jumping puzzle...

Screengrab via Bungie

Raids are some of the most epic experiences in Destiny 2, bringing six-player fireteams against some of the biggest evils in the Sol System. Most raids in Destiny 2 have a few things in common: memorable boss battles, coveted loot, and jumping puzzles. King’s Fall in particular has two platforming sections: one early into the raid, before you even get to the first full-fledged encounter, and another one shortly after the Golgoroth fight (the intro area can drop some loot, but it doesn’t count as an actual encounter).

The tombship puzzle is needed to traverse further into the raid, and though you might be tempted to head into orbit and rejoin the team when they’re at the Totems encounter, there is a secret chest you can get before you even make it to the area of the Totems encounter. You’ll jump to nine different tombships to make it to the next area.

Here’s a quick guide on how to make it past the tombship jumping puzzle in King’s Fall.

How to complete the tombship jumping puzzle in Destiny 2‘s King’s Fall raid

  • Hop into the stationary ship in front of you to start the puzzle.
  • Jump to the first ship that appears on your right.
  • Jump on another tombship that spawns below you on the right, then quickly leap to the one on your left. Ride it until you get to solid ground and can resume the puzzle.
  • Hop on the ship that just spawned, close to where the tombship you used to get here disappeared. Sit tight, because it takes a bit for the next ship to spawn.
  • Wait until the next tombship spawns across from you, then move to it. This one doesn’t usually spawn until your tombship is already starting to vanish, so prepare to be quick.
  • Once it’s riding close to the back of the room, stay to the back of the tombship so you don’t get hit by a passing ship, then leap to the one up ahead and above you.
  • As you near the back of the room, jump to a tombship that’s coming straight ahead at you.
  • Leap into the crooked tombship that’s almost tilted over right ahead and prepare to move quickly.
  • Once your tombship starts to despawn, glide to a tombship that just spawned in front of you and is heading towards the platform on the back of the room.

If you’ve followed all these steps, you should have made it to the end of the tombship puzzle, where you can continue with King’s Fall. Don’t forget to grab the secret chest in the next room, however.