Here’s the solution for the Memories of Ruin Runic Puzzle in Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen campaign

Find the odd one out.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen campaign is filled with bombastic story revelations about Light, Darkness, and the universe. That said, it’s also filled with puzzles that players will have to get through if they want to finish the campaign.

Without getting into spoiler territory, players will have to unlock certain memories to progress The Witch Queen’s storyline. Unlocking those memories requires, for instance, that players finish a puzzle, and that will be a common theme throughout the campaign. The first time players encounter it should be during Memory of Ruin, but the trick to finding them seems to be common to the rest of the memories.

Here’s how to complete the Memory of Ruin puzzle in Destiny 2.

How to solve the puzzle in Memories of Ruin

Throughout the mission, you’ll appear in an area with a wall full of Hive glyphs. The game tells you to figure out a puzzle and shooting the correct glyphs will unlock the door.

The glyphs are arranged in a series of columns. The solution lies in finding the three columns that have different symbols than the rest. Though the symbols may vary from player to player, the principle of finding the odd ones out will apply throughout the memory missions.

Screengrab via Bungie

In our example, the correct solution would be the one on the far right, the fourth one from right to left, and the one on the far left. These three have different symbols other than the sequence you see throughout it, meaning they are the way to go. Keep that principle in mind when you encounter the next set of puzzles.