All Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

Come get your guns.

Screengrab via Bungie

Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion is bringing players a new destination, weapon crafting, a thorough Void rework, and Glaives—and that’s even before taking into account what’s launching as part of Season of the Risen. This means guardians have plenty of loot to hunt, and Exotic weapons are easily among the most valuable of them.

While Legendary weapon perks will boost some aspects like damage or reload speed, Exotic perks drastically change how weapons function and create a unique identity for each Exotic.

In The Witch Queen, those mechanics take place in several shapes—from a machine gun that shoots a barrage of rockets and a poisonous SMG to a Hive Worm launcher.

Here are all the Exotic weapons in Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion. We’ll update this list as we find more Exotics.

All Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

Osteo StrigaSMG (Kinetic)Crafting (Deluxe-exclusive)
Grand Overture (Season of the Risen)Machine Gun (Arc)Risen season pass
ParasiteGrenade Launcher (Heavy)Of Queens and Worms quest
Dead MessengerGrenade Launcher (Energy)Vox Obscura quest
Edge of ActionGlaive (Titan)Investigation Board
Edge of IntentGlaive (Warlock)Investigation Board
Edge of ConcurrenceGlaive (Hunter)Investigation Board
Collective ObligationPulse Rifle (Void)Vow of the Disciple

In addition to the Exotics with their own designated sources, Bungie confirmed some Exotics will be craftable after finding their Patterns. As of launch, this will include the Osteo Striga SMG and the three class-specific Glaives. The main difference, according to an official blog post, is that crafting Exotics is “more about fine-tuning something with a defined identity.” While Legendary crafting will let players vastly alter perk combinations, Exotic crafting will evidently stick to the weapon’s main principles. For the Osteo Striga, for instance, this could mean changing parts so you get more reload speed and stability as opposed to range.