When is the next CS:GO Major?

It's right around the corner.

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After underdog Outsiders lifted their first Major CS:GO trophy at IEM Rio on Nov. 13, fans have been waiting for the next Major tournament.

Since 2016, there have been two Valve-sponsored events each year, except during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021. Many people expected the tradition to continue in 2023, but Valve announced there will be only one Major in 2023 shortly after revealing Counter-Strike 2.

Even though there are several S-tier CS:GO championships throughout the year, the Major is still recognized as the biggest event due to its special atmosphere, the stickers that are released specially for the competition, and the chance of winning a trophy that will forever be displayed on Steam.

What’s the location and date of the next CS:GO Major?

The next CS:GO Major is set to be organized by BLAST and will take place in Paris, France. The tournament will once again be played over the course of two weeks, from May 8 to 21. Like in Rio de Janeiro, 24 teams from all around the world will gather to fight for the Major trophy and a lion’s share of $1,250,000. Accor Arena is confirmed to be the venue for the next Major.

In the statement on BLAST’s website, Robbie Douek, the CEO of BLAST, said the event will be “the greatest Major to date.” It will also be the first Major championship in CS:GO that’s organized by BLAST.

Will there be any more Majors in CS:GO?

BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major will be the last one in CS:GO. After announcing CS2 on March 22, Valve confirmed the game will be released in the summer this year, and the next Valve-sponsored tournament will be held in the new title.

Where and when will be the first Counter-Strike 2 Major?

The first CS2 Major was confirmed on March 28 to take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major will be organized by the company that previously was responsible for the Majors in Antwerp and Stockholm.

Like the Parisian Major, the Danish Major will also have a $1,250,000 prize pool and 24 teams from around the world competing for the trophy. It’s scheduled to begin on March 17 and is set to finish on March 31, 2024.

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