Valve might have finally just confirmed the CS2 launch date

Sound the alarms.

T Planting the Bomb on B-site on Overpass in CS2.
Planting the bomb on Overpass B-site. Screenshot by Dot Esports

It may not be summer anymore, but the date that millions of Counter-Strike fans have been waiting for might have just finally been revealed. The full launch of Counter-Strike 2, and the end of the limited test and CS:GO as we know it, is imminent.

The official Counter-Strike account on Twitter asked a simple question today: “What are you doing next Wednesday?” Next Wednesday will be Sept. 27, and maybe, it will be the official launch of CS2.

The Counter-Strike community at large certainly believes this is more than just an innocent question, with a wave of replies expressing all sorts of emotions from excitement to nervousness, from various players, teams, and personalities across the scene. It goes without saying that most CS fans will be keeping their calendars open on Wednesday, Sept. 27 ahead of what could be a momentous day.

This latest date tease comes after Valve promised that CS2 would launch “soon” last week during Steam’s 20th birthday celebration. Prior to that statement, the only official word about CS2’s launch was from the original beta announcement, which said the game would be coming out in the summer. Since the original announcement, more and more players have trickled into the CS2 ecosystem via numerous invite waves for the limited test.

Aside from the overall player base finally getting access, the full launch of CS2 should officially kick off the next era of Counter-Strike esports as many tournament organizers have said they will make the switch once the game officially comes out. A launch next week would mean teams would have roughly five months before the RMR qualifiers for the first CS2 Major at PGL Copenhagen, and six months before the event itself starts.


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