TSM Moves to Logitech Facility

Team Solo Mid's CSGO team has moved into Logitech's facilities.

Team SoloMid (TSM) has announced that they have moved their Counter Strike: Global Offensive team out to Logitech’s facilities located in beautiful California. They made this move to help prepare their team for upcoming online and international tournaments.


At the facilities TSM will be able to play all together in one location, receive catering on site, a gym and access to the Logitech building. The players living near each other will allow them to try a new strategy to win, which is meeting weekly to provide perspective that is unique to their eSports competitors.


Since picking up this team, after the departure of players now on Astralis, TSM has not attended any LAN events. Their online record in 2016 is twenty-one wins and twenty one loses. Due to these statistics the change of location could be helpful for the team to improve in the future.


A statement made by Kory “Semphis” Friesen on TSM’s website shows he’s ready to start improving. He said “Being able to dedicate ourselves to building this team is going to help us to realize the true potential of our lineup that we know is there.”

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