Relog Media to host $250,000 LAN Sweet LAN Masters event in 2022

The ongoing tournament series will lead into one big final event.

Image via Relog Media

Relog Media is ready to bring LAN elements back to CS:GO with the announcement of its LAN Sweet LAN Masters event.

Set to run in February 2022, the event is still a ways off but it will have a $250,000 prize pool and feature 16 teams from around the world. 

In total, Relog will give four teams direct invites to the event, while the remaining 12 rosters will need to qualify through the LAN Sweet LAN tournament series. FunPlus Phoenix, HAVU, and Mousesports have already qualified for the event through the secondary method during Snow Sweet Snow, leaving nine spots for open qualification.

Relog is going to host the event, its first international LAN tournament, in Belgrade, Serbia at Hotel Jugoslavija and its own headquarters. The company has run several tournaments over the last year and is in the middle of running the first event in its Spring Sweet Spring series. 

Just like in the Snow Sweet Snow series, Spring Sweet Spring, Sun Sweet Sun, and Fall Sweet Fall events will each run in three parts and send three teams to LAN Sweet LAN Masters. Each event will also have a prize pool of $100,000, which brings the LAN Sweet LAN tournament series up to a total prize of $1.15 million when counting every individual event.

Relog originally called the tournament series Home Sweet Home to keep with its previous tournament series from 2020 but has since renamed it to LAN Sweet LAN, according to HLTV

Spring Sweet Spring One is now underway. The winner of the event will take home $40,000 and the fourth invite to LAN Sweet LAN Masters.