Quantum eSports: A headfirst dive into the industry

The creation of an ambitious organization In therecent years,the phenomenon ofeSports has expanded exponentially. Higher view counts, larger arenas, larger cash prizes, and a huge influx of organizations.

The creation of an ambitious organization

In the recent years, the phenomenon of eSports has expanded exponentially. Higher view counts, larger arenas, larger cash prizes, and a huge influx of organizations. In the past three or four years, the amount of organizations involved in esports has doubled or even tripled. Most up-and-coming companies who try their hand in the industry start from one title, and branch outward. Even current esports titans, TSM or Team Liquid for instance, started out as a single League of Legends, or Starcraft team. However, Quantum eSports chose to take a headfirst dive into the industry when they announced the organization wanted to capture more aspects of eSports, by not only signing multiple professional and amateur teams, but also by signing other content creators such as Youtubers and Twitch streamers.

Based in Belgium, Quantum eSports is one of the many organizations to announce their creation within the past year. The company is co-owned by Jente “Vetsoo” Vets and Mathias “Mr. Mathy” Vermeiren. While both owners have have a certificate in business management, neither of the two have any actual experience running a business. When asked about the matter, Mr Mathy replied saying, “If businesses were only run by people with tons of experience the world wouldn’t know many companies, sometimes all you need is a lot of motivation and the will to succeed.”  Mr Mathy seemed to be fairly optimistic about the future of the brand throughout the Q&A Session I had with him.

The organization began just as many others have begun before them; as a group of friends playing video games. Mr Mathy stated that “We [Quantum] started off as a group of friends playing different games. Now and then our group would go to LAN’s to test our skills. At those event there were a lot of people willing to join the group. So we basically had a small local organization.” After attending multiple LANs the group decided to try their hand at becoming a full blown organization. As formerly stated, the organization plans to focus not only on the competitive side of the industry, but also the entertainment side with Youtubers and Twitch streamers. The co-owner says that in the long run Quantum will probably give more attention to the professional/amateur teams, as they need to be transported to and from events, and need more support in general opposed to the content creators who, once they get rolling, are mostly independent.

Every organization has goals. Whether they are to win the League of Legend World Championship, or to even just create a Counter-Strike team, every organization have feats they wish to achieve. A major player in reaching goals in the esports world are sponsors. Sponsors give the teams money, or a chance for the brand new organization to get their foot in the door. Once a team has sponsors, it’s much easier for them scout talent, and sign players to full contracts. Mr Mathy admitted Quantum would need sponsors to fulfil all that they have planned, however they still have a to do list of goals tacked onto the front of their refrigerator. By the end of the 2015 year, Quantum hopes to have professional/amateur teams in League of Legends, Hearthstone and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for both North America and Europe, along with a handful of content creators. Mr Mathy hopes that if the organization can get rolling, they can potentially sign a Heroes of the Storm team and a DotA 2 team as well.

Jente “Vetsoo” Vets, Mattias “Mr Mathy” Vermeiren and the whole Quantum organization are taking a huge gamble by plunging headfirst into the ocean of e-sports with only a to-do list and old fashioned motivation to keep themselves afloat. In the coming months we shall see how Quantum’s CS:GO team and Hearthstone players fare at the eSports Festival 2015 in Belgium, and at Frag-o-Matic in September. Until then we can hope that Quantum can ride the riptide of esports to a successful career.

To contact or learn more about Quantum eSports, feel free to check out their Facebook and Twitter pages, along with their website:

Facebook.com/ggQuantum – Twitter.com/ggQuantum – ggQuantum.com

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