Na’Vi take down Heroic in PGL Stockholm Major thanks to 5 clutches

The best team in the world have kicked off their Major campaign with the right foot.

Photo via BLAST

Natus Vincere have beaten Heroic 16-11 today in Ancient in the first round of the PGL Stockholm Major Legends Stage.

This matchup was the most anticipated of the day since Na’Vi are the best CS:GO team in the world and Heroic are a solid top five squad. The match was as tense as anyone could imagine, especially because of the best-of-one factor, and Heroic would have won it if it wasn’t for Na`Vi’s prowess in clutch situations throughout the game. The CIS powerhouse won five clutches, while Heroic secured only one.

It wasn’t s1mple—the best player in the world—who won the most important clutch of the encounter, though. The match was going back and forth, tied 10-10, and whoever lost the 21th round would have their economy totally shattered. Na`Vi’s in-game leader was left in a nearly impossible one-versus-three after plant in the A bombsite, but he kept his calm and isolated the fights to win the round for Na`Vi and let them in a good position to win the map.

In line with fans’ expectations, Na`Vi’s powerful duo s1mple and electronic topped the number of kills in the server. The latter finished with a 25-16 K/D while s1mple got a 20-17 K/D. With this victory, Na`Vi hold a 1-0 record in the Legends Stage Swiss system format, while Heroic are down 0-1.

The first round of the PGL Stockholm Major Legends Stage will finish with Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. MOUZ and FURIA vs. Astralis. The second round will begin after these two matches are done. You can keep up with the Major results and standings here.