How to watch DreamHack Open Summer Europe and North America

Don't miss the first big tournament after the player break.

Photo via DreamHack

The DreamHack Open Summer is set to kick off tomorrow in both Europe and North America.

Sixteen CS:GO teams will be playing in this event from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. This will be the first big tournament of the new CS:GO season and will feature some of the best teams in the world, such as BIG, Complexity, Team Liquid, and FURIA.

Here’s everything you need to know about DreamHack Open Summer Europe and North America.


You can watch all of the action on DreamHack’s official Twitch channel. There won’t be any simultaneous matches, so this will be the only official stream for the tournament.


DreamHack will use a GSL double-elimination best-of-three group stage format for both regions. The teams have been split into two groups of four in both regions. The top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs.

The playoffs will use a single-elimination best-of-three bracket for Europe and North America. The North American and European winner will earn $35,000 each, while the runners-up will take home $20,000 each in prize money.


Europe – Group A


  • tabseN
  • syrsoN
  • k1to
  • tiziaN
  • Coach: tow b

MAD Lions

  • acoR
  • roeJ
  • sjuush
  • AcilioN
  • innocent
  • Coach: peacemaker


  • cadiaN
  • stavn
  • b0RUP
  • niko
  • TeSeS
  • Coach: HUNDEN


  • Surreal
  • robiin
  • Thomas
  • Coach: RossR

Europe – Group B


  • blameF
  • poizon
  • k0nfig
  • oBo
  • RUSH
  • Coach: keita


  • valde
  • NBK-
  • mantuu
  • Aleksib
  • Coach: ruggah


  • somedieyoung
  • chopper
  • mir
  • magixx
  • Coach: Certus


  • facecrack
  • Jerry
  • almazer
  • xsepower
  • FL1t
  • Coach: liTTle

North America – Group A

Team Liquid

  • EliGE
  • NAF
  • Twistzz
  • Stewie2K
  • Grim
  • Coach: adreN


  • Shakezullah
  • Junior
  • penny
  • Spongey
  • TBD
  • Coach: tacitus


  • steel
  • leaf
  • Xeppaa
  • vanity
  • Jonji
  • Coach: mCe

Ze Pug Godz

  • Cooper-
  • Zellsis
  • Infinite
  • MarKE
  • Coach: Immi

North America – Group B


  • arT
  • yuurih
  • HEN1
  • VINI
  • Coach: guerri


  • JT
  • oSee
  • motm
  • floppy
  • Sonic
  • Coach: T.c

Yeah Gaming

  • RCF
  • tatazin
  • dumau
  • f4stzin
  • iDk

Team oNe

  • Maluk3
  • prt
  • pesadelo
  • b4rtiN
  • malbsMd
  • Coach: cky


Saturday, Aug. 8

  • 6am CT: BIG vs. Endpoint
  • 9am CT: MAD Lions vs. Heroic
  • 12pm CT: Liquid vs. Ze Pug Godz
  • 3pm CT: Chaos vs. Triumph

Sunday, Aug. 9

  • 6am CT: Complexity vs. forZe
  • 9am CT: OG vs. Spirit
  • 12pm CT: FURIA vs. Yeah
  • 3pm CT: Cloud9 vs. Team oNe

Monday, Aug. 10

  • 6am CT: Europe Group A elimination match
  • 9am CT: Europe Group B elimination match
  • 12pm CT: North America Group B elimination match

Tuesday, Aug. 11

  • 9am CT: Europe Group A winners match
  • 12pm CT: North America Group A elimination match
  • 3pm CT: North America group A winners match

Wednesday, Aug. 12

  • 9am CT: Europe Group B winners match
  • 12pm CT: North America Group B winners’ match
  • 3pm CT: North America group A decider match

Thursday, Aug. 13

  • 6am CT: Europe Group A decider match
  • 9am CT: Europe Group B decider match
  • 12pm CT: North America group B decider match

Friday, Aug. 14

  • 12pm CT: North America first semifinal
  • 3pm CT: North America second semifinal

Saturday, Aug. 15

  • 6am CT: Europe first semifinal
  • 9am CT: Europe second semifinal

Sunday, Aug. 16

  • 9am CT: Europe grand finals
  • 12pm CT: North America grand finals

Key storylines

This will be the first time that Liquid play without nitr0, who was replaced by Grim during the player break. Nitr0 had been playing for Liquid since 2015 and led the North Americans to wins at several big tournaments last year. Liquid and Triumph, Grim’s former team, are placed in the same group, so we might get to see how he performs against his former teammates.

BIG ended the last season on top of the world. The Germans are dominating this online era of CS:GO and won two big tournaments—DreamHack Masters Spring Europe in June and cs_summit six Europe in July. All eyes will be on tabseN and crew to see if they can maintain that form in this new season.

MAD Lions have been an entertaining team since they were playing under the Tricked banner in 2019. The Danes won the first season of Flashpoint season one in April, but saw their form slightly fall afterward. They return from the player break without one of their best players, Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen, who was poached by Astralis last week. MAD Lions signed innocent from Illuminar this week and will have to switch their in-game communication from Danish to English. CS:GO fans are anxious to learn if this experiment will be a success.