Here are the CS2 update patch notes for June 7

Another update is live.

Mirage B site in Counter-Strike 2.
Screengrab by Dot Esports via Valve

Valve developers are hard at work on fixing problems in Counter-Strike 2, and just one day after a huge update, they released another one on June 7.

This time around, the devs didn’t add any new gameplay mechanics, which is more than understandable considering how much they did add in the June 6 Counter-Strike 2 patch. The most recent update is focused on fixing various CS2 bugs, from weapons to sounds.

The look of a few guns has been improved, as well as a recoil bug that occurred for MAG-7. Additionally, the devs took some sounds, buyback, and loadout bugs into the scope, fixing them as well.

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It’s likely the devs will continuously add patch notes for CS2 looking at how they asked the players to report any bugs following June 6’s update.

Here are all the changes in CS2 update from June 7


  • Added Mirage as an option for the main menu scenery map.


  • Fixed a regression with weapon recoil on high-punch weapons like MAG-7 sometimes punching weapon view model towards the ground instead of up in the air.
  • Improved the look of UMP-45, MAG-7, R8 Revolver, Sawed-Off.

Workshop Tools

  • Fixed legacy models appearing when previewing new weapon paint finishes.


  • Fixed a regression where 10-second music cue was sometimes not playing.
  • Fixed wooden ladders to play wooden footstep sounds.


  • Fixed free armor side-effect of armor refunding.
  • Fixed loadout tooltips getting stuck on main menu.
  • Fixed a regression with inspecting Huntsman knives.
  • Brought back an option to pass number keys through to the game while in buy menu.
  • Numerous stability improvements.


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