Save a buck: New CS2 exploit lets players buy cheap gear

A bumpy start for the CS2's second round.

CS2 Buy Menu on Mirage CT spawn
Image via Valve

CS2’s long-awaited refund feature has only been out for a day and players have already spotted a money-saving glitch. Gamers simply refund certain items and repurchase them at an unintentionally discounted price.

The feature arrived alongside a whole new buy menu, removing the buy-wheel system CS:GO’s had in place for years. To complete the glitch players need to go through the process of buying and reselling Kevlar armor and a helmet, according to a June 6 tweet by AquaisMissing.

Once players have purchased the Kevlar armor, they must upgrade to receive a helmet. Then they must refund both items and the Kevlar one more time. Players will receive all their money back but still “keep the Kevlar.”

The helmet will only cost $350 as per usual, but you’ll already have received the Kevlar armor—thus saving you $650.

The CS2 devs have been fairly transparent in the fact that the likelihood of bugs. The team’s well aware that bugs are going to be present and has made it known via a June 6 tweet.

Odds are, we’ll be seeing several bugs plaguing servers throughout the beta experience. 

The first round of beta access had various instances of glitches appearing during games. Whether it be broken smoke mechanics or an automatic AWP it seems to be an expected occurrence for the CS2 developers.

As there’s a new-and-improved map in the beta, different weapon sounds, and a revised buy system, there’s a strong likelihood we’ll be seeing more in the coming weeks.

Hopefully, the rest of the beta test runs smoothly to avoid any delays to the “Summer 2023” release date. The last thing we want is for CS2 to be pushed back


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