Counter-Strike 2’s smokes become totally useless thanks to nasty new bug

"Ew, a bug."

Image via Valve

Counter-Strike 2’s new smoke feature certainly has some kinks to iron out, with the updated grenade now glitching through walls instead of covering areas like it’s supposed to in the long-awaited Source 2 update’s exclusive beta.

The smoke, which is designed to fill spaces in CS2, apparently has the unintentional ability to lodge itself inside certain walls thanks to some rogue chaos and it’s already causing chaos in beta matches. One player caught the bug in action, sharing a video on Reddit of their smoke filling up the wall instead of blocking off B door.

Older CS:GO players might recall the mid-doors smoke on Dust 2 in Global Offensive where the grenade lands on a hinge, creating a one-way. This glitch occurs in a similar way, but instead of covering the door, it migrates into the wall.

The bug then leaves little-to-no smoke covering the door.

While it is an interesting interaction between two new CS2 elements, it makes the thrown smoke basically useless and ruins any kind of rapid push or defensive play.

These kinds of issues are to be expected, however. Odds are we’ll be seeing a whole collection of glitches in the coming weeks as players try to break the game completely. There’s no clear date as to when the beta finishes, so we’ll have to put up with issues like this—and other things like broken weapons—until CS2’s summer 2023 release.

Soon, a large portion of players will get access and we’ll all get to have a crack at ruining smokes or making guns shoot perpetually.

Hopefully, the Valve developers can still tinker and update throughout the live CS2 beta. Otherwise, you’ll see a lot of smokes going haywire in Counter-Strike 2.

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