Counter-Strike 2 glitch turns AWP fully auto but it may be less gamebreaking than it sounds

Not gamebreaking, but record breaking.

Image via Valve

The Counter-Strike 2 beta might be in need of a few fixes, particularly considering the title’s iconic AWP has started turning into the fastest shooting weapon in gaming history. Bugs are starting to rear their heads more frequently as time passes, and if this glitch shot actual bullets, we’d all be in real trouble.

Today, one CS2 gamer was “messing with (his) old jump throw binds,” and in the process unintentionally became the fastest shooter in the west.

In the clip, shared by Loof27 on Reddit on March 23, the player in question changes to their AWP midway through a smoke interaction and immediately activates the bug. Once the glitch is firing—pardon the pun—the sniper rifle begins shooting instantly and repetitively, peppering the walls and buildings with bullet holes.

Fortunately, the glitched CS2 weapon doesn’t actually do damage. A fire rate that high could easily tear through a long A-rush on Dust 2.

The problem is that this particular glitch can be repeated, so if the bullets start doing damage it could well be gamebreaking. Right now, players can only try and break the shot-per-second record by using a jump-throw bind key, and right-clicking smoke instead of completing the original action. Your gun will then start firing uncontrollably as soon as you switch.

Let’s not forget, this is a beta for the new Source 2 engine. A massive collection of graphical upgrades and changes to key CS:GO mechanics are now in the beta test environment, and there will be a ton of different issues popping up, so this particular bug is no great shock.

These will likely get fixed as time goes on. With Counter-Strike 2’s summer 2023 arrival on the cards, the devs will have their work cut out for them.

Hopefully, it’s smooth sailing from here, but we’re not holding our breath.

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