Flashpoint rules Anonymo, Ninjas in Pyjamas will replay CS:GO match

The decision erases Anonymo's upset victory over NiP in Flashpoint 3.

Image via Flashpoint

The Flashpoint Three series on May 14 between Ninjas in Pyjamas and Anonymo Esports that ended in a 2-1 Anonymo victory was played with around 40-percent packet loss on NiP’s end, according to a statement from Flashpoint today.

Due to this, the Flashpoint organizers have elected to replay the CS:GO match following a request from NiP. The tournament hosts communicated the ruling to the teams on May 15. Originally, the rematch was set to be played today.

NiP reported connection issues during the first map of the series. Flashpoint attempted to change multiple servers, but nothing seemed to fix the issue. The match moved forward, and a subsequent investigation into the issues revealed their validity and that there was nothing NiP could’ve done to resolve them.

“After careful consideration of the nature of the issue, the validity of the claim, and the importance of the match, the League Ops team has decided to accept NIP’s request to replay the match,” the statement read.

NiP posted an initial statement on May 14 detailing the issue and expressed frustration with Flashpoint. “The ignorance, stubbornness and lack of solutions coming from the Flashpoint staff was simply not to standard with what is expected from a Major Qualifier event,” the NiP statement read.

Anonymo Esports, who won the match playing spoiler to Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz’s NiP debut, were caught in the crossfire. The org released a statement of its own, detailing how members felt “pressured” to accept a rematch. In addition, Anonymo claims it offered a rematch to NiP during the original match, and at the time the request was denied.

Additionally, Anonymo states it believes FACEIT is being “pressured on a business level” by NiP.

There is currently no public set date or time for the rematch. The nature of the rematch—either a full best-of-three or a replay of the final map of the series—is also up in the air. And according to a Flashpoint statement, Anonymo will at least get to choose the format of the rematch.