FACEIT Announces Prize Pool for Huge CS:GO League

After announcing their 2015 league last month, FACEIT has now released information revealing a prize pool of $250,000.

FACEIT’s spring league in 2014 for Counter Strike: Global Offensive had a total prize purse of $20,000 and only lasted over one month with eight teams involved. This year, they plan to make drastic improvements and severely raise the prize pool.

FACEIT previously announced that their 2015 Counter Strike: Global Offensive league would commence in February, take place over nine months, and be split over three major LAN events. This year, the prize pool is a stunning $275,000. This prize purse was made possible through donations and by selling a P90 skin to Valve to be included in the operation phoenix case.

This year’s league will consist of 20 teams: eight European teams, six North American teams and a six newly introduced Oceania teams. There is still a final spot for the Oceania region, which will be filled following the results of a qualifier on Feb. 8.

According to FACEIT’s website, the league will be divided into three stages. Here is an explanation of how it will work.

“The League will be divided in three stages. The first and second stages will conclude with LAN events and decide which teams will continue to the next stage, while the third stage will culminate in the Grand Finals event. The European, North American and Oceanian leagues will be running in parallel, with teams from each of the regions earning invites to the LAN events, featuring a total of 8 teams at each. The team-seats in each LAN event will be split between the top five teams of Europe, the top two of North America and the winner of the Oceanian League.”

Many of the giants in the CS:GO community will be taking part in the league. The teams competing are listed below:


  • FNATIC                                   
  • TSM
  • EnVyUs
  • NiP
  • Titan
  • Virtus.pro
  • Na’Vi
  • LGB

North America

  • Cloud9
  • Liquid
  • CLG
  • Mythic*
  • eLevate
  • SKDC


  • Vox Eminor
  • Immunity
  • The Chiefs
  • Aftershock
  • Avant Garde
  • Final Team Coming From Qualifier 

*Mythic replaced Ex-IBUYPOWER who are no longer taking part because of the recent betting scandal.

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