Esports org founded by Counter-Strike legends TaZ and NEO shuts down

The Polish organization is gone.

Photo via SteelSeries

HONORIS, the esports organization founded by Polish Counter-Strike legends Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas and Filip ‘NEO” Kubski, closed down for good today.

In a statement on social media, TaZ and NEO said the main reason behind this is their lack of finances required to run the org.

“Players, coach, psychologist, manager, all the people need for the organization to properly function—it all costs,” TaZ said in a statement translated from Polish. “In the light of the lack of proper financial resources for the upcoming years—we have jointly agreed on finishing core business HONORIS.”

TaZ also shed some light on the organization’s finances, saying he and NEO had to finance everything from their own pockets.

HONORIS was founded in April 2020 by TaZ and NEO, who competed together for countless years in CS:GO and Counter-Strike 1.6. They created the org to enable up-and-coming players to spread their wings.

During HONORIS’s three-year tenure in CS:GO, the team participated in multiple online CS:GO tournaments, as well as in many offline events in Poland. They also often came close to qualifying for big tournaments like IEM Brazil 2023, falling short in the closed qualifier upper and lower bracket finals.

It currently remains to be seen what the next move will be for TaZ and NEO and all the players in the team.

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