Here are the patch notes for CS:GO’s Dec. 17 update

CS:GO's latest update includes a few welcoming new additions to the game.

Image via Valve

Counter-Strike’s Dec. 17 patch features adjustments to Operation Broken Fang, along with various quality of life changes and updates to some of the game’s least popular maps: Guard, Elysion, Apollo, and Anubis.

The patch, which hit the live servers last night, also includes a new feature that gives players the option to donate weapons, saving valuable time and effort in the buy phase. Pressing the buy menu donation key (CTRL by default) when purchasing a weapon will send it straight to a teammate.

Here are the patch notes for the latest CS:GO update.

Operation Broken Fang

  • Adjusted first-person arm models for Operation Broken Fang agents
  • Adjusted end of match animations for Operation Broken Fang master agents
  • Fixed a bug that could allow extra stars to be earned from missions. Going forward players will be correctly limited to receiving the total number of stars available from all unlocked cards
  • Kick player vote is now disabled in Broken Fang Premier pick/ban arenas
  • Fixed kill distance in missions UI to be correctly rounded for display


  • Added 2021 Service Medal to be awarded for outstanding service and achievement starting from Jan. 1, 2021
  • Donate weapons to teammates in need. Hold the buy menu donation key (CTRL by default) when purchasing a weapon to donate to teammates without dropping your primary weapon. You can change the “Buy Menu Donation Key” in settings
  • Game settings now have a search box to quickly find and jump to any setting or key binding
  • Zeus restrictions in Casual, Wingman, and Competitive modes are now the same as all other weapons
  • Adjusted Retakes clip areas in Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Train, and Vertigo



  • Repacked radar


  • Fixed a pixelwalk outside on the glass
  • Fixed a pixelwalk on the Elysion sign on A site
  • Fixed a pixelwalk on the umbrellas outside
  • Fixed the pixelwalks on the doorframes
  • Players were able to jump on top of the A sign on A site
  • Player were able to jump on top of the small palm plant
  • Players were able to 2 man boost outside and see into the site from an unfair position
  • Players were able to run boost on the windows railing on A site
  • The ladder outside has been removed
  • Reduced the foilage outside, players were able to hide
  • Waterfalls have been deleted from the white walls. Caused the smoke to become see-through


  • Reduced props that draw for people on very low and low settings to hopefully help FPS levels across the map
  • Reduced CT spawn Cover to make it easier to clear
  • Improved model shuttle collisions to make walking over nicer
  • Reduced non-designed head peaks across map
  • Fixed car fade in CT spawn
  • Fixed a few boost exploits
  • Updated to radar to a more simple single layer one
  • Reduced foliage over key angle (Near moonroom/CT spawn)
  • Fixed a number of grammar and spelling mistakes


  • Widened A main entrance
  • Simplified A connector area
  • Got rid of the deep corner below the windows on A
  • Got rid of the wall near the pillar at Waterfalls A site and reduced some corners to hide in as a CT