CS:GO introduces an X-ray scanner for skin containers in France

French users can see what's inside a container before buying it.

Image via Valve

Valve has introduced an X-ray scanner for skin containers for users in France in the latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update.

French users get access to the X-ray scanner after they buy a P250 X-ray skin. But once they use the X-ray scanner to reveal what skin is in a container, they’ll have to buy that skin before using the scanner on another box.


In theory, this allows users to scan a CS:GO skin container and if they don’t like what’s inside of it, they don’t have to buy it. But the only way to unlock the scanner again is by claiming the case they previously used it on.

France has been fighting against loot boxes, according to French CS:GO content creator HOUNGOUNGAGNE. So it’s possible that this feature was introduced by Valve due to a new law for gambling in the country.

But the X-ray scanner doesn’t prevent gambling at all, HOUNGOUNGAGNE said. It’s only a loophole that Valve has found so French users can still open skin containers in CS:GO.

Users from countries such as Netherlands and Belgium can’t open any CS:GO cases. In France, containers can no longer be purchased from the Steam community market—they can only be sold.

It’s unclear how France will react to this new feature. The country and its users could fight against it if they really want to prevent gambling on CS:GO skins.