30 October 2017 - 19:06

Cloud9 takes the lead halfway through ECS season four

The North American season is at its halfway point.
Photo via DreamHack

North America's ECS season is at the halfway mark, and a new team has taken first place in the eight-week season.

Cloud9 overtook SK Gaming in the North American ECS standings by winning five of their last six online matches, giving them a 10-2 win-loss record at 30 points. Their victories over Luminosity Gaming, CLG, and Ghost Gaming put SK in second place. Jake “Stewie2k” Yip and Will “RUSH” Wierzba were a huge component in their consecutive best-of-one wins over Ghost and CLG, as they averaged 24 and 27 top frag stats, respectively.

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SK and Team Liquid are tied for second place behind C9 with 8-2 records. SK fell to Team Liquid 2-0 during their matches last week because they were attending EPICENTER 2017 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Despite the evident fatigue from the Brazilians during the group stage, they were still able to continue their dominance throughout the event and beat Virtus Pro in the grand finals 3-2.

As for the remaining teams in ECS, the standings behind Cloud9, SK, and Liquid are as follows: Luminosity, NRG Esports, CLG, OpTic Gaming, Ghost, Immortals, and Renegades.

ECS matches on the American side of the pond will continue tomorrow, when SK hopes to retake their first place spot in the league over C9.

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