What are Support Killstreaks in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

This could help getting some challenges done.

Image via Activision

Challenges offer new ways for players to unlock features in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, adding replayability to the game and variety while you pubstomp with friends online.

In Modern Warfare, some challenges task you with taking down "Support Killstreaks," but the game doesn't explain to you what they are. Nowhere in the "Killstreaks" section of the game does it show which one is a Support.

While some are obvious, just by the name, some may not be. Things like the Gunship, Juggernaut, and Precision Airstrike are clearly not meant for "Support," but what about the others?

Image via Activision

Here's what "Support Killstreaks" you should have in your sights when doing challenges in Modern Warfare.

What are Support Killstreaks in Modern Warfare?

A Support Killstreak in Modern Warfare is a streak that offers intel on the map, like enemy locations, or more. Basically, these are the Personal Radar, UAV, and Counter-UAV.

When someone calls in a Personal Radar, UAV, or Counter-UAV, take aim and shoot it down with a rocket. This will give progress towards taking out however many Support Killstreaks your challenge needs.

When using the RPG for challenges or camo unlocks, it makes the most sense to aim for Personal Radars, which are the easiest to hit. They look like mini helicopters and follow players around, so be careful, because they're likely nearby.