St. Patrick’s Day-themed content coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Take "the luck of the Irish" with you into pubs.

Image via Activision

A special St. Patrick’s Day-themed game mode and Tracer pack are hitting Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in the coming days, Activision announced today.

St. Patrick’s Stockpile is a unique game mode that will be available at 12pm CT on March 11 and last until the day after the holiday, ending on March 18.

It’s a twist on the classic mode Stockpile, where “players can collect Shamrocks dropped by their enemies and deliver them to the Pot o’ Gold to earn points for their team, or pick up Shamrocks dropped by eliminated teammates to deny enemies the chance to score,” according to Activision. “First team to reach the score limit wins in this limited-time mode.”

On March 16, a special themed Tracer pack will hit the store, offering green Tracer rounds on a couple of weapons. The five-item pack includes two legendary weapons, the “Shillelagh” LMG and the “Wee Lad” assault rifle, a “Pot O’ Gold” Charm, “Battle for the Riches” Calling Card, and “Lucky Frag” Sticker.

Image via Activision

The Montezuma’s Curse Mastercraft bundle, which comes with the Ultra “Mayan Malediction” blueprint for the Bullfrog, is also coming to the store on March 14.

The bundle includes the legendary “Aztec Assassin” tactical rifle, “Emerald Idol” Charm, “Dorado Dasher” Vehicle Skin, “Cursed Mask” Calling Card, and “Mask of Madness” Emblem, a watch, a vehicle horn, and two battle pass tier skips.