How to fix Fetching Online Profile error in Call of Duty: Warzone

Could you fetch my online profile, please?

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone evolves with the franchise. The developers add various pieces of new content to the game that come bundled with new seasons and maintenance patches.

While each patch will be filled with new game modes and hotfixes, they can also cause anomalies. When that’s the case, players may start encountering errors while playing Warzone or trying to access it. Most of these errors often get fixed before a patch makes its public debut, but some can sneak in and appear when the masses flood onto the servers.

The Fetching Online Profile error generally appears when Warzone’s servers go down or after new patches. The developers often roll out a hotfix, but there are a few alternative solutions players can try out to see whether they can log into Warzone.

How to fix the Fetching Online Profile error

  • Check Warzone’s server status.
  • Restart your router.
    • If Warzone’s servers are up and running, the error may be appearing due to network inconsistencies on your end. Restarting your router is the fastest way to troubleshoot your connection, but make sure to wait at least a minute before turning your router back on again.
  • Check if there’s a pending update for Warzone.
  • Change your DNS servers.
    • Most players use the default DNS servers that are assigned by their internet service providers. When these servers go down, it’s expected to run into errors. Change your DNS to more commercially available ones like Google’s and try logging into Warzone again. You can switch back to your original DNS servers after some time.