Sources: Paris Legion pursuing GRVTY and Jimbo to replace Decemate and FeLo

After two seasons at the top of Challengers, GRVTY could finally get his chance.

Photo via Call of Duty League™

The Paris Legion is looking to sign Challengers players GRVTY and Jimbo after starting the 2022 Call of Duty League season on a five-game losing streak, multiple sources tell Dot Esports.

The franchise has shown no signs of life this season. John, Decemate, and FeLo have all struggled immensely. Temp has looked great at times, but the team has still lost 15 maps out of 20 played. Dece and FeLo are both averaging a 0.90 K/D so far and John is sitting on a 0.88.

If the franchise does go ahead with a roster change, GRVTY is expected to play the main assault rifle role in place of FeLo, while Jimbo will likely take Dece’s role as an SMG player, according to sources.

GRVTY and Jimbo have been playing together in the Challengers circuit for the last two months and recently signed with Team WaR alongside PaulEhx and Venom. Together, the four have placed second and fourth in the last two Challengers Cups, and fifth in the Stage One Challengers Elite.

Looking back at their last two seasons in Challengers, GRVTY has dominated the scene and won 13 Challengers events between Modern Warfare and Cold War, sharing five of those in Modern Warfare with Jimbo.

GRVTY has been trying to break into the league for the last three seasons, but as a main assault rifle player, that’s easier said than done. Few Challengers players get a starting position on a franchised team playing that role, but it seems like GRVTY’s luck may have finally turned.

Jimbo has had his ups and downs in Challengers. In the Modern Warfare season, he saw success playing under FaZe Academy with GRVTY and was rated as a top-15 amateur player. During Cold War, he bounced around multiple teams and was actually suspended for three months in the middle of the season.

Heading into the first Major of the 2022 CDL season, Paris Legion will start in the lower bracket and face the loser of OpTic Texas vs. Seattle Surge, making either matchup a difficult one for the potential rookies if these moves are finalized before the event begins on March 3.

It’s unknown if FeLo and Dece will be released or just benched.