Roster Mania: Black Ops III Edition

Roster Mania is in full effect prior to the release of Call of Duty®: Black Ops III and we have all of the roster changes listed for you right here.

Following the conclusion of the 2015 MLG World Finals , the season for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare has officially come to an end. As is customary in the Call of Duty community, Roster Mania is in full effect heading into Call of Duty®: Black Ops III . This is a compilation of all the confirmed roster changes so far in the Call of Duty community following the end of Advanced Warfare.

*Disclaimer: This article was last updated on Oct. 30, 2015. None of these individual roster changes announced by players have been confirmed by their organizations yet (unless otherwise noted).

Rise Nation’s New Roster

Roster Mania got off to a bang when Rise Nation announced their new roster consisting of Josiah “ Slacked ” Berry, Sam “ Octane ” Larew and Nick “ Classic ” DiCostanzo. They later announced that Daniel “Loony” Loza will be completing their roster for the start of Black Ops III.

Enigma6 Announces Pro and Youth Teams

The Enigma6 Group announced that they will be forming a “youth team” roster under E6 consisting of Jordon “ General ” Holloway, Cuyler “ Huke ” Garland, Donovan “ Temp ” Laroda and Thomas “ TJHaLy ” Haly.

E6 then kept the news coming when they announced that their “pro division” team as of now is a team-of-two consisting of Kenneth “ Dedo ” Dedo and Justin “ SiLLY ” Fargo-Palmer.  They later announced the acquisition of Matthew “ Burns ” Potthoff, making them a team-of-three looking for one player.

Team EnVy Rebuilds Their Roster

Team EnVy just announced a variety of changes to their roster going into Black Ops III, releasing Daniel “Loony” Loza  and Jevon “ Goonjar ” Gooljar-lim to pick up Patrick “ ACHES ” Price and Austin “ SlasheR ” Liddicoat. ACHES and SlasheR will join Jordan “ JKap ” Kaplan as a current team-of-three looking for one, with Joe “ MerK ” Deluca considered a possible candidate to complete this roster.

Stunner Gaming Announces Current Roster

Stunner Gaming will be going into Black Ops III with a roster consisting of Brian “ Perp ” Ladd, Mike “ Swarley ” Carter, Zack “ GodLike ” Goldstein and Adam “ Assault ” Garcia.

SpaceLy Announces New Team

Mike “ SpaceLy ” Schmale announced that he will be teaming with Chris “ Replays ” Crowder, Johnathan “ John ” Perez and Jordan “ ProoFy ” Cannon  heading into Black Ops III.

Dream Team Adds Chino

Dream Team announced that they have added Martin “ Chino ” Chino to complete their roster of Steven “ Diabolic ” Rivero, Troy “ Sender ” Michaels and Josh “ Watson ” Watson for Black Ops III. 

Goonjar Reunites with Team Kaliber

Team Kaliber has announced that they will be bringing back Jevon “ Goonjar ” Gooljar-lim to complete their roster for Black Ops III consisting of Brandon “ Sharp ” Rodgers, Dylan “ Theory ” McGee and Jeremy “ Nelso ” Olsen.

Apotheon eSports Announces New Roster

Apotheon eSports has joined the Call of Duty community for Black Ops III by announcing their new roster consisting of Phillip “ PHiZZURP ” Klemenov, Damod “ FEARS ” Abney, Tyree “ LegaL ” Glover and Andres “ Lacefield ” Lacefield.

Team eLevate Acquire Team Revenge’s Former Roster

Team eLevate has officially announced the acquisition of the former Team Revenge lineup from the 2015 Call of Duty Championship. Ulysses “ AquA ” Silva, Remington “ Remy ” Ihringer, Jared “ Nagafen ” Harrell and Brice “ Faccento ” Faccento have all signed one year contracts with eLevate for the entire Black Ops III season.

Censor Announces TO3

Doug “ Censor ” Martin took to Twitter to announce that his new team for Black Ops III will include himself, Bryan “ Apathy ” Z helyazkov and Renato “ Saints ” Forza. Apathy was officially released from Team Kaliber in the following tweet .

ASSASS1N Returns to Call of Duty

According to Trevor “ Trev ” Lindgren, he will be forming a team-of-three with Call of Duty legend Robert “ ASSASS1N ” Walsh and “ SLAPACKAGE ” heading into Black Ops III.

The Return of Next Threat?

The 2011 MLG National Championship organization Quantic Nex-TT-hreat could be making a return in Black Ops III after Richard “ FLawLesS ” Ferreira announced that himself and Blake “ Vengeance ” Campbell are now a team-of-two.

OpTic Nation Disbands

According to Anthony “ NAMELESS ” Wheeler, he will be teaming with Richard “ Ricky ” Stacy, Marcus “ MiRx ” Carter and Chris “ Parasite ” Duarte heading into Black Ops III. Marcus “ MBoZe ” Blanks also tweeted that he will be looking for three players to team with in Black Ops III.

Team Orbit Rebuilds Their Roster

Team Orbit announced that they have dropped Nick “ Happy ” Suda and Brice “ Faccento ” Faccento to add Jonathan “ Pacman ” Tucker, Jamal “ Whea7s ” Lee, Ryan “ Lawless ” Lawless and Lamar “ Accuracy ” Abedi for Black Ops III.

List of Notable Free Agents:

Joe “ MerK ” Deluca

Tyler “ TeePee ” Polchow

Steve “ Mochila ” Canle

Matthew “ Royalty ” Faithfull

Eric “ TwiZz ” Servello

Teegan “ TcM ” McCarthy

Kelsey “ ExiB ” Newsome

Spencer “ Anticity ” Askins

Devin “ LlamaGod ” Tran

Aaron “ CMPLX ” Vetelino

Anthony “ Methodz ” Zinni

Mike “ Blfire ” Glushenok

Tyler “ FeLonY ” Johnson

Kale “ Schillez ” Schillein

Nick “ Happy ” Suda

Adam “ KiLLa ” Sloss

Jeremy “ StuDyy ” Astacio

Vaughn “ Tipsy ” Brown

Jonathan “ SinfuL ” Baez

We will be updating this article daily as more official changes are announced. Be sure to follow @eSportsNation for quick updates regarding rosters and all other Call of Duty news.