How to prestige in Modern Warfare 2

Old-school prestiging is back—sort of.

Image via Activision

The ability to prestige has been a longtime staple of the Call of Duty franchise.

Originally, prestiging meant that players who hit max level would be reset back to level one, losing all their unlocked weapons, attachments, and more in the name of starting from scratch once again. Eventually, prestiging evolved to allow players to keep their guns and camos but just reset their level with a new prestige emblem next to it.

More recently, prestiging as most longtime players knew it wasn’t available and was replaced by a seasonal leveling system. But in Modern Warfare 2 (2022), Call of Duty is seemingly getting a little closer to the traditional prestige system.

Here’s what we know about prestiging in MW2.

How do I prestige in MW2?

Screengrab via Activision

Similar to more recent CoD titles, players shouldn’t need to manually hit a “prestige” option like they did in the old days, according to a recent Activision blog. MW2 season 01 is set to begin on Nov. 16. At that point, players who hit the previous max level of 55 will automatically unlock first prestige when they reach level 56.

From there, players will be able to reach a new prestige every 50 levels. But level 250, which is fifth prestige, will be the max level for the duration of season 01. It is likely that players will be able to go beyond level 250 and fifth prestige once season 02 starts, but Activision has not provided details on prestiging beyond season 01.

Most notably, Activision said that “leveling up past Rank 55 will allow you to earn a persistent Prestige Rank across all seasons, rather than having it reset at the end of each season.” This means players might not be reset to level one at the start of each individual season in MW2.

While the level cap on prestiging in each season is different from previous CoD titles, what MW2 offers is at least slightly similar to the traditional prestige system. But you won’t see any prestige masters in the first month of MW2.