How to play against bots in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

It's a solid way to warm up.

Image via Activision

Did you know you can play custom matches against AI opponents in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

You can, and it’s fairly easy to set up. The game doesn’t do a good job of advertising that you can play against bots to warm up, and it’s not particularly visible from the menus.

Once you set it up, though, it’s easy to play and a great way to warm up your shot before you fire up some wager matches or pubstomp with your friends in multiplayer.

Just follow the directions in the image gallery below to set up bot matches:

  • From the Multiplayer menu, select the bottom option: Private Match, Trials, and GameBattles
  • Select Custom Game
  • Select Game Setup
  • Select Bot Setup

Here is where you set up the bots. You can choose how many bots are on your team as well as the enemy team, and you can select their difficulty level.

Once you’ve chosen a map, game type, and your bots, you can navigate back to the Custom Game menu and start the match.