How to fix the HDR setting in Call of Duty: Warzone?

Looks can be deceiving.

Image via Activision

Turning on High Dynamic Range (HDR) allows games to have a better visual experience while playing their favorite titles. The feature can also be found inside Call of Duty: Warzone’s settings, and it can be enabled by default on setups that support HDR.

There have been instances where HDR caused a few troubles for Warzone players, like crashes or various errors. Such errors often get patched, but players may need to fix their HDR setting by turning it off to continue playing Warzone smoothly until the fix arrives.

Disable HDR in Warzone on Xbox

  • Launch your Xbox
  • Navigate to My games and apps
  • Choose Warzone
  • Select Menu
  • Click on Manage game and add-ons
  • Turn off Auto HDR

Disable HDR in Warzone on PS5

  • Launch your PS5
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose Screen and Video
  • Select Video Output
  • Click on HDR and adjust your settings

HDR forces systems to load more advanced graphics, which can cause inconsistencies or anomalies while loading certain assets. The cause of a crash can even be a rock on the map, so it generally takes a debugging process to find out how the HDR setting may have been causing trouble to the Warzone players.

Players who can’t adjust their HDR settings will have nothing to worry about since it means that the feature may not be available for their system due to an unsupported screen. Keeping HDR off will also be beneficial to increase frame rates, allowing players to have a smoother experience in their favorite games.