How do Black Market Contracts work in Warzone?

Don't tell anyone where you got that weapon from.

Black Market
Image via Activision

Players can add new weapons to their loadouts at any time throughout a Warzone match. From ground loot to pick up the items of another player you just sent back to the main lobby, there can always be room for improvement until you achieve the perfect loadout for your playstyle.

In addition to the classic methods of finding loot on the map, Warzone players can also complete Contracts and get rewarded with better loot compared to what they can find on the map. When a player picks up a contract, they’ll be given a quest they’ll need to complete to receive the rewards for the contract.

What is the Black Market Contract in Warzone?

The Black Market Contracts is a new type of Warzone Contract.

It became available alongside the new map, Fortune’s Keep. A Black Market Contract allows players to gain access to off-market loot items when they complete the given mission. Upon picking up the contract, a Black Market buy station will appear on the map, and players will need to make it to its location within a specific time limit.

When you get to the Black Market buy station, you’ll need to make your purchases quickly since you’ll be short on time. Other squads will also be able to use the station, so it can also be a decent idea to camp around its perimeters to see if you can bait others with the buy station.

The Black Market Contract is currently only available in the Resurgence Battle Royale mode on Fortune’s Keep. With positive notes, the contract can also make its way into other modes and Warzone maps in the future.