Here’s the code to open Call of Duty: Warzone’s Storage Town bunker

It's real close to the Boneyard part of the map.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone’s map is full of secrets, and secrets sometimes lead to top-tier loot that can help you dominate Verdansk.

Some of the best ground loot in the game can be found inside of bunkers, but there’s a trick to opening them. Bunker loot often contains legendary weapons, lots of money, scorestreaks, and field upgrades.

Bunkers are placed all around Verdansk. If you know the codes to enter them, you can head inside for a bunch of high-tier loot. This loot can help you win more gunfights, especially if you land there immediately.

Screengrab via Activision

Here’s how to open the bunker near Storage Town and Boneyard in Warzone.

Warzone Storage Town bunker code

This bunker is hidden in plain sight in a field to the west of both Storage Town and Boneyard. It’s near the westernmost part of the map in the B5 quadrant.

There are multiple doors here, so head into the one furthest south. You’ll know you entered the right one when you find a trap door inside to the left. Drop down into an underground area and move forward.

You’ll eventually find a locked door with a keypad next to it. On the keypad, enter the bunker code 87624851 and head inside. Enjoy your findings and happy Warzone gaming.