CompLexity earns a spot in the CWL Pro League with a new roster featuring Censor

Can this lineup help coL get back to its winning ways in Call of Duty?

Photo via MLG

Following a major controversy with eRa Eternity in March, Call of Duty fans have been patiently waiting to learn which organization would replace them in the CWL Pro League. But now the wait is over, as compLexity has signed a new roster and will take eRa’s spot in Stage Two.

Richard “Ricky” Stacy, Rasim “Blazt” Ogresevic, Brandon “Dashy” Otell, and Doug “Censor” Martin will represent coL in Stage Two, the organization announced earlier today.

In order to secure the pro league spot, any prospective organization would need to sign at least two of the players from the former eRa roster. And with Team Kaliber picking up Maurice “Fero” Henriquez and Jacob “Decemate” Cato joining Team Envy, coL signed both Ricky and Blazt to acquire the league spot.

Dashy has been a part of compLexity since Jan. 20, but has seen limited success with the organization so far. Following a top 28 placing at CWL Birmingham at the end of March, compLexity’s founder and CEO Jason Lake revealed that his organization would try to help the former coL roster—Dashy, Christopher “Parasite” Duarte, Jeremy “StuDyy” Astacio, and Tyler “FeLo” Johnson—find new homes. But coL ultimately chose to keep Dashy—probably because he’s one of the most talented young players in competitive Call of Duty.

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The last player on coL’s new roster needs no introduction. Censor most recently competed with Lightning Pandas and earned a top eight placing at CWL Birmingham. The Call of Duty veteran has been trying to get into the pro league since he returned to competing at the start of the WWII season—and now he’s finally back.

On paper, coL’s new lineup has the necessary players to align with the current meta. This squad will heavily rely on Dashy and Blazt in the slaying department for respawn maps, but coL could be lethal in Search and Destroy.

Although coL will be a part of Stage Two of the CWL Pro League, this roster will make their debut at the 2018 CWL Seattle Open, which begins on April 20.