CDL delays end with a bounceback win for Atlanta FaZe against New York Subliners

The FaZe squad recover from a tough loss.

Image via Atlanta FaZe

New York Subliners have ended their three-series CDL win streak with a loss to the Atlanta FaZe amid ongoing production delays.

The Major One champions have soared to the top of the leaderboard with 12 wins and just three losses in recent weeks. They’ve been a well-rounded team that proved they were capable of replicating their performance earlier in the year.

All that drained away today, however, in a 3-2 loss to FaZe, who has been on rocky standings since the holiday break.

FaZe opened their Major Two qualifiers with a win against the Surge before being swept by the Minnesota RØKKR the following weekend. This victory over the Subliners puts them at 2-1 in the CDL standings, trailing in sixth.

The win—an all-important bounceback for Atlanta, in the end—started with a loss on Breenbergh Hotel. New York started out strong with a 250-150 Hardpoint victory before faltering on Al Bagra Fortress for the Search and Destroy 4-6. Another close map on Al Bagra Fortress resulted in another map loss for the Subliners; they lost the Control match-up 3-2 on a map that went back and forth multiple times. 

FaZe took a second Hardppont loss on Zarqwa-Hydroelectric—they were actually sent an invitation to the 100-point club after Subliners won a staggering 250-96.

With the series tied up, the matchup was eventually decided by a game five Search and Destroy riddled with server-side issues. The production studio where the series was being commentated from had its power shut off due to a severe snowstorm, and the series was delayed by close to an hour. In the middle of the map, another unexplained server bug hit, delaying the series and stalling out a crowned victor for yet another hour

After several more delays, Atlanta FaZe managed to overcome the wait and secure the final Search and Destroy on Embassy 6-4 to finish out the series with the win.