Call of Duty: Modern Warfare “dev error 6345” explained

You'll be out of this mess in no time.

Image via Activision

Though triple-A games may look more injury-proof than indie titles from outside, even titans can shiver. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players aren’t strangers to occasional server problems that come and go whenever a double XP weekend kicks off, but a fundamental error that prevents you from even launching the game can be scary.

Dev error 6345 usually appears after your game gets shut down by itself while opening and forces you to go back to the launcher. This error only affects PC users and mostly appears when there’s a corrupted file inside your game’s directory.

How to fix the “dev error 6345” in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

It’s hard to tell how your in-game files may have gotten damaged, but it mostly happens when your connection starts suffering while downloading an update. If the downloader decides to skip one of the files or does a poor job of installing it, it could cause a corrupted file to appear in your game’s directory.

One of the easiest ways to fix this problem is running a Scan and Repair session, which goes through all of your in-game files and re-downloads anything that looks corrupted. Click on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare from the left side of the launcher and find the Options menu that should be located on top of the first image.

Once you open the Options menu, you’ll want to click on the “Scan and Repair,” which will prompt you with a warning pop-up. Begin the scan and let the launcher do its thing. The scan takes a while since CoD: Modern Warfare is a rather massive game in terms of its size, and a follow-up update should kick-off immediately if the scan detects a corrupted file.

If running a simple scan doesn’t fix your problem, your best bet will be uninstalling the game entirely and reinstalling it afterward. Make sure CoD: Modern Warfare doesn’t leave behind any files, though. When you uninstall a game in a traditional way, it usually leaves behind log files and anything that it can use to identify you as a user when you install it again. Deleting those files will ensure that you’ll have a completely fresh install of CoD: Modern Warfare when you download it once again.

In any case, you continue to get this error despite trying both of the methods, we strongly recommend contacting Activision regarding the situation. Let them know of all the troubleshooting methods you’ve tried so they can pinpoint the issue for you and get you the help your game needs.