Aydan, Huskerrs, and Rated bring home World Series of Warzone squad title, FaZe Swagg wins Captains Cup

Some of the world's best players battled it out in Verdansk.

Screengrab via Activision

The World Series of Warzone is the most ambitious tournament yet for Call of Duty’s massively popular battle royale. 

Pairing 150 of the world’s best Warzone players, from Call of Duty League pros to popular streamers and content creators, the WSOW dropped 50 teams of three into Verdsansk to battle it out in a private match with $300,000 in prizes on the line. Each elimination earns teams one point, finishing in the top 15 gives teams a 1.5 multiplier to their score, while winning the match gives teams a 2x multiplier. 

Aydan’s team, consisting of Huskerrs and Rated, was able to take the crown and lead the squad standings with 121.5 points, beating out Repulze, Luckychamu, and SuperEvan who finished in second with 108.5 points. SuperEvan had the best individual performance on the day, as he had 49 total kills across the tournament’s six games, which equals out to an unbelievable 5.44 K/D. 

FaZe Swagg took home the title of best captain, as his drafted teams combined for 619.5 points, besting Aydan whose teams combined for 610 points. TimTheTatman finished third with 475 points while TheDanDangler and Nadeshot rounded out the rest of the captain standings with 408 and 358 points, respectively. 

The next World Series of Warzone event will take place in August with the best European trios battling it out.