MSI Meta

Following are the champions which were played prominently during the MSI.

Letter to Scarra

Dear Scarra, Hope you are doing fine. It was sad to see you leave CLG and now you are started to look for different opportunities I would like to tell you about a Football coach named Jose Mourinho.

Team Liquid Vs Cloud 9- Battle of point clickers

The final of NA-LCS will be an interesting match to watch as both teams priorities rest on getting the point and click champions. The team has one single style which can easily be determined after the pick/ban phases. 1. Lulu pick by TSM.

TSM wont fail

There are lot of predictions that TSM will lose in the semi finals. It wont happen since the armour still has protections to win the split. 1. Champion pool Lulu will be priortiy number one for TSM.

What is lack of coaching in a team game.

Please watch the two videos and you will understand either the team lacks coaching or the team is extremely adamant and refuse to Adapt 1.CLG vs C9 2.CLG vs TL

Team Liquid- Look at a mirror.

Team liquid is having problems and they have been having the same problems for the whole split. 1.Top laner should never play tank champions. Quas is a player who plays tanks extremely bad.

I called it !

This is a series I will be writing based on the inspiration from Thoorins video. 1.One king will fall The patch 5.5 nerf to the towers is a huge change to the professional game.