MSI Meta

Following are the champions which were played prominently during the MSI.

Following are the champions which were played prominently during the MSI.


There is a huge common factor which was ignored by most of people doing the analysis. The main advantage of the stat is that it provided is the random event simulation. That stat is Bonus health or shield. Every one of those champions have the ability to suprise the person doing the damage with additional stats. This is a very important distinction as the total calculation is thrown completely.

Moakai has a passive heal and ultimate provides reduced damage. Gnar has a heal when transfering to mega gnar and hecarim has w heal when farming providing additional lane dominance. Jungle reksai has a heal passive and true damage, nunu has the best stats with cinderhulk and very good slow spell. Gragas has % health damage and passive heal. Cassiopia and azir have heals and shield in thier kits which are of great value. Kalista is the only champion where blade of the ruined king and blood thirster are good first and second items. urgot with a spell shield protects against both spell and aa damage. All the three supports here are tanks because they are required to take a spell rotation to protect their carries. Janna many people predicted to play would not work here as the champions have multiple engages. The resets are powerful but the pick by the enemy team to one shot her is more trouble.

What do you guys think. Any comments is much appreciated.