Why juggermaw failed once Today but won Again

Today during the playoff's the juggermaw composition was successful once and failed once. I will first talk about the reasons it failed and won in both scenarios. 1.

Today during the playoff’s the juggermaw composition was successful once and failed once. I will first talk about the reasons it failed and won in both scenarios.

1. Failure to see the Chinese juggermaw by Snake

The wolves who played in game one failed to see the composition played by Snake in lpl. The biggest positive about the composition is that after trinity force and blade of the ruined king the game is over unless the other teams have 6 items with guardian angels. The power of the composition is extremely superior because its single target damage and the single target is also healing rapidly. After freeze gets the items whenever they engage H2K lose but when they don’t H2K took the advantage to kill him with chaining cc on him. Even in the last fight when he was chased by 3 tanks. Thresh Maokai and Sejuani, he killed sejuani. If he had killed either thresh or maokai wolves would have won the fight. When snake plays Juggermaw they are always 5 k gold low and will win the game with gold deficit that is the speciality of this composition you will never lose unless you don’t get the two items.

2. Having a good mid poke champion.

When your ad carry needs two items to finish before team fighting you will require a champion with enough poke to make sure that the other team does not team fight earlier. Since Orianna is also waiting for a 3 item power spike and Kogmaw had two item power spike, there is a conflict in having two different time-lines in team fights. In competitive games you require to have champions who have similar time-lines. If the itemization time-lines with your team-mates dont match you are giving the opposite teams to fight in two different power spikes. If you lose in the first power spike then you will have the mentality that you wont win in the second power spike and thus lose the game. Itemization is very critical in competitive matches.

3. Ignoring the lulu lane.

In this composition lulu can lose 200 cs and die 10 times when compared with his counterpart. The only requirements are level 16 and death cap athenes. The power of lulu is the point and click silence. This is the only ability in the whole game with a point and click silence left in the whole game. The power of lulu is extremely huge in right hands. The difference can be felt in TSM when lustboy plays lulu and when dyrus plays lulu. One team completely ignored the lulu lane and concentrated only on other lanes and the other team worked very hard to concentrate the lulu lane. Maokai built Righteous glory and went to the mid lane. That has been the H2K strategy whenever they play Maokai.

Juggermaw is one of the finest strategy in league right now. The composition has a advantage of winning with huge gold deficit but at the same time this strategy has the core enemy with moakai and thresh will not be banned.