The message code on Newton’s video to Horizon is a reference to Ash

"Alpha Gate. Thirty-seven. Forty-nine. Twenty-three. Nine. Hike."

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Newton’s video log in Apex Legends contains more than just a message to his mother. It’s also another nod to Ash during The Broken Ghost.

When playing back the message, the screen shows a numeric code: It corresponds to a number sequence that Ash said during the ending of the season five quest, alongside the words “Alpha Gate” and “Hike.” It’s unclear, however, what those words could mean for the lore in the universe.

The number sequence is hardly the only correlation between Horizon and Ash. One of Horizon’s teasers (before her official debut) is a callback to Ash during the end of The Broken Ghost. A video message shows Horizon saying the words “a wee bit of betrayal [inaudible], eh dearie?” Ash directly referenced that sentence at the end of the quest.

Moreover, Ash’s messages mention important elements in Apex lore: Olympus and Branthium. The latter was revealed as a mineral or energy resource that played a vital role in Horizon’s backstory—and was ultimately the reason why her assistant, Dr. Reid, stole the Branthium and left Horizon stranded in space.

Newton’s teasers could share more light on the astrophysicist’s backstory and possibly uncover more connections between the two characters. A prevalent theory hypothesizes that Ash is the simulacrum version of Horizon’s assistant, Dr. Reid—who was responsible for leaving Horizon stranded in space.

Players should expect more teasers ahead of season eight. Newton’s message shows that it’s the first out of three video logs. This means that Horizon’s son could share more important information about what happened during Horizon’s 87-year absence—and leave behind more clues that could impact the future of the Apex universe.