Apex Legends’ latest teaser is a heartbreaking message from Horizon’s son, Newton

“Mum? Hi, it's me. You miss me?”

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ latest teaser will tug at your heartstrings. Players recently encountered a message from Horizon’s son, Newton, on a laptop in Olympus—the first of several videos he left for the astrophysicist.

“Mum? Hi, it’s me. You miss me?” Newton says. “They told me you were dead, but we were together. Remember? I said I love you, then you said I love you, then [static].” The message is cut short, however.

“Newton? Ma wee boy…” Horizon says upon seeing the message. “That cannae be possible”

The message is in a small Bike Shop building southeast of Estates, but playing it requires the squad to have a Horizon. Other legends can’t interact with the laptop, according to data miner Shrugtal. The screen shows “Loading message 1/3,” a sign that Newton left more messages for his mother to find.

The teasers could be related to the battle royale’s eighth season, set to begin in early February. Olympus made its way to Apex in season seven and the planet (and its natives) may continue to play a role in the future narratives—including the possible identity of her backstabbing assistant, Dr. Reid.

The astrophysicist’s backstory is intrinsically linked to the latest map. A citizen of Olympus before it was abandoned, Dr. Mary Somers embarked on a suicide mission to solve a pressing energy crisis but never made it back. She was betrayed by her assistant, Dr. Reid, who left her stranded in space. By the time Horizon returned, 87 years had passed and most remnants of her past life were long gone.

If season eight delves deep into Horizon’s backstory, it could mean a conclusion for a popular fan theory: that Horizon’s assistant, Dr. Reid, is actually the human version of Ash before she turned into a simulacrum.